• Launch Announcement: NS Loan Board Suite of New Sites

    Covet is excited to announce the launch of the Nova Scotia Provincial Loan Board’s suite of new websites! As the lead developer on this project, I’m thrilled to see them go live and to share them with you.

    NS Farm Loan Board Logo over a photograph of a man in a field of crops, reviewing a document on a clipboard.
    NS Timber Loan Board Logo over a photograph of a vast coniferous forest.
    NS Fisheries and Aquaculture Loan Board Logo over a photograph of rolling ocean waves.

    Some of the features of the sites include:

    • Modern and intuitive designs
    • Easy-to-use navigation
    • Responsive layout for optimal viewing on any device
    • Green scores across the board for Google Lighthouse measuring speed, performance, accessibility, and overall experience.
    • Using WordPress Full Site Editing (FSE) we were able to create three websites that are both visually stunning and user-friendly. FSE also ensures consistency in the look and feel of a website by allowing the use of customizable templates and content blocks across multiple pages. This means the Loan Boards will be able to take over updating and editing content conveniently on their sites. The results will be uniform, and true to the design.

    We worked with a great team at the Province of Nova Scotia, Julie Lacourciere and Nick Bell, as well as collaborating with Creative Director & Designer, Katie Goodz of Katie Goodz Design, and Copywriter Brad Dykema of Brad Dykema.

    We believe that the new sites reflect The Provincial Loan Boards and the services they offer. It’s been a pleasure to work on this project.

    If you have comments or would like to share, we’d love to hear from you on the LinkedIn post of this.