• Sites we’ve built

    We specialize in custom WordPress websites, unique to your brand and functionally tuned to your needs. Below is a sampling of recent favourites we built.

    NS Loan Boards

    Nova Scotia Provincial Loan Board’s suite of new websites

    These sites are visually engaging and every bit of content is completely customizable using the new WordPress Full Site Editing capability.

    Designer: Katie Goodz
    Copywriter: Brad Dykema
    Developer: Kyle Kelly

    Visit Fisheries & Aquaculture Loan Board
    Visit Timber Loan Board


    This site brings together the amazing work and content BBI produces with a new and improved Business Directory.

    The template features a really interesting method of random noise patterns, as well as using the WordPress API to feature businesses from the directory.

    Project Lead & Manager: Brendan Nkala
    Designer: Pierre Tabbiner
    Copywriter: Katie Arthur
    Developer: Kyle Kelly

    Cove Ocean

    This site showcases the innovative ideas being developed for the oceans in Halifax.

    The template features complex and customizable interior views, as well as fun dynamic elements like carousels.

    Project Lead: Sean Lewis
    Project Manager: Sarah Colburne
    Designer: Jill Johnston
    Developer: Kyle Kelly


    AREA is a leader in renewable energy, and in business structures. The coming together of multiple municipalities to source their own energy is fascinating.

    The template features subtle effects and a fun dynamic animation on it’s homepage.

    Designer: Katie Goodz
    Videographers: Riley Smith & Meghan Tansey Whitton
    Developer: Kyle Kelly

    JALI Research

    This site showcases JALI’s impressive technology. The visuals are front and center to demonstrate how state of the art it is.

    The template features whole page scrolling carousels, videos that only start when you scroll into view and animated counters.

    Designer: Katie Goodz
    Project Manager: Sarah Robinson
    Copywriter: Brad Dykema
    Developer: Kyle Kelly