• Get to know us

    We are a two person web development and project management team specializing in dynamic, functional and accessible websites.

    What do we do?

    We take beautiful designs and bring them to life.

    Our websites stand out and get noticed. They’re also highly responsive, easily editable and fully accessible.

    Our expertise lies in building completely unique templates. We believe you shouldn’t compromise when it comes to your brand identity.

    We build our sites using WordPress so that you have flexibility and control, with zero lock-in.

    We provide knowledge to inform decisions and the resources to keep your project on track.

    A photograph of Kyle Kelly and Jenn Kelly, of covet.dev

    Who are we?

    Kyle – Senior Web Developer & Consultant

    I’ve been building websites since the beginning and have decades of experience building websites for companies and organizations, large and small.

    I recognize that websites are often times the first and best impression clients will have of a business, so I specialize in helping organizations by creating custom WordPress templates to achieve their exact design and visual aesthetic while remaining simple to use and just as importantly, intuitive to manage.

    Over the years I have had the opportunity to work closely with many clients to really understand their goals and how best to combine their unique industry knowledge with my experience to come to the best solution for their customers.

    Jenn – Project Manager & Jr. Web Developer

    I am a dedicated junior web developer and project manager with a background in legal administration. With a passion for making the web beautiful and accessible to all, I made a career transition to pursue my interest in web development. Although I am relatively new to the field, my enthusiasm and drive are evident in my work.

    Specializing in WordPress and currently pursuing certification in UX design, my goal is to create visually appealing and user-friendly websites. My expertise also extends to project management, ensuring a smooth workflow and efficient delivery of web design projects.

    Through my previous work with government boards, agricultural associations, and small businesses, I have gained a keen understanding of diverse industry needs. My experience in legal administration has honed my attention to detail, organizational skills, and ability to effectively manage multiple tasks.

    I am constantly expanding my skill set and staying up-to-date with the latest web trends and technologies. With a strong commitment to providing exceptional user experiences and a focus on client satisfaction, I am dedicated to delivering high-quality web design solutions tailored to meet each client’s unique requirements.

    Anybody else?

    Covet is just the two of us, but we have a network that scales. We bring in experts we trust for anything outside our wheelhouse. We work with copywriters to organize, edit or write your content. We collaborate with the best designers around to bring your site concept to life. Photographers and videographers are also available to fill in any gaps you may have.

    You don’t pay for folks and overhead on your project that you don’t need.

    And if we do bring in outside specialists, we don’t mark up the cost. Their fees are their fees.