• Things to consider before starting your new website

    Before diving into your new website, here’s a few things to consider before reaching out to a developer:

    An image of a group of people at a desk working from their laptops. Over top of the image is the text “Things to consider before starting your new website”. In the bottom right corner is the logo for Covet Inc. The stock image used is from: https://unsplash.com/photos/QckxruozjRg
    1. Domain Control: Take a minute to confirm you have ownership and control over your domain name.
    2. Hosting Details: Identify your current website hosting provider and secure access to the login details.
    3. Marketing Strategy: Prepare a comprehensive marketing strategy and determine how your website will align with it.
    4. Branding Essentials: Prioritize finalizing your logo, identity, and business name before initiating the web project.
    5. Decision Makers: Identify key decision makers within your organization before approaching external teams. Start thinking about what tools your internal team will use to come to a consensus. 
    6. Website Preferences: Pull together  a list of websites you and your team both like and dislike, within and outside of your industry. Make some notes about what you like; is it the voice, the colours, or a feature?
    7. Feature Requirements: Prepare a list of essential website features, such as e-commerce capabilities, specific tools, or user-generated content. Differentiate between must-haves and nice-to-haves.
    8. Digital Assets: Gather your digital assets, including style guides, photography, writing samples, and any previously established design elements, to provide your designer with the necessary resources.

    By spending a little bit of time up front on each of these points you will be well prepared to meet with any developer.  Showing up with this knowledge readily available leads to more efficient projects and lower costs.

    So you’ve done all that and you’re ready to get started, but how do you find the right team?

    We’ve got an upcoming post to help with that (and we promise it won’t just be: hire Covet😉)

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